How do I transfer my domain from goDaddy to ZamaHost?

Just follow these steps :

1) Login to your goDaddy account and go to Domains -> Manage my domains
List of the domains that you have on your account will be displayed.

2) Click on the domain name that you want to transfer.

3) Your domain may be locked to prevent unauthorized domain changes.
It would be locked if the Lock for the is On. If On, click on Manage link below that and turn it off.

4) Then, click on Email My Code link for the Authorization Code at the end of the page.
You will receive a mail from goDaddy which will contain Authorization Info for that domain.

5) Login to your ZamaHost account and click on Transfer Domain to Us link under Services->Domain menu

6) Enter the domain name that you want to transfer and click on Check Availability button,
and then on 'Click to continue' button.

7) Just enter the Authorization Code that you had received with the email in the EPP Code textbox.

8) Enter your existing Nameservers details. If you are not sure, leave it as it is and contact your host later.

9) Please proceed with the payment to complete the transfer process.

10) You will receive an email with the subject like 'Transfer Authorization for {YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME}' from our domain registrar.

11) You need to Approve Transfer Link by clicking on the link provided in that mail.
Success page will be shown saying that 'We have received your domain secret. Your request for transfer of domain will be processed

12) Again login to your goDaddy account and go to Domains -> Manage my domains page. Then click on Transfer link under Domains 
dropdown. And Click on Pending Transfers Out in the left bar.

13) The domain that you want to transfer will be shown. Click on Accept/Decline in the row, select Accept Transfer and click OK.

14) After few hours, you will receive a mail from goDaddy stating that 'Transfer out process has completed successfully'.

15) Wait for a couple of hours and your domain would be transferred. Check your ZamaHost account for more.

Note : If transfer process fails due to any mismatch or problem, feel free to contact us.

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